Spur Making Texas Spur Maker Bruce Cheaney Handmade Spurs Metal Working

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Making a pair of handmade spurs in the bit and spur shop. Grinding and shaping the heel bands to a pair of custom made cutting horse spurs. As you can see I started off with some pretty rough stock that I torched out with a Victor Torch. You will […] Read More

Bit Spur and Saddle Making DVD’s and Videos by Bit Spur and Saddle Maker Bruce Cheaney

You can learn The Art Of Spur Making with the help of my Spur Making Videos. I have two DVDs to choose from the first Volume is The Art Of Spur Making Vol I and this training video shows you how to make two pair of handmade spurs from start to finish and the method […] Read More

Custom Spurs

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Spur making a pair of custom spurs can take several days to make especially if they have a lot of silver mountings and tedious brands or what ever. This is a par of spurs I made and it took three days and two nights to get them made and […] Read More

Vintage Spurs

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Vintage handmade spurs that are very rare and collectible and are highly sought after by collectors and dealers of western memorabilia. Each spur maker has his own touch and style when it comes to the engraving of the handmade spurs he made and certain makers can be identified by […] Read More

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