Hand Engraving Custom Saddle Conchos Cowboy Silversmithing

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

I just spent the last couple weeks making a custom saddle that will be used for reining and working cowhorse classes and could very well be tagged as a ranch versatility saddle because it has all the features needed for a ranch versatility saddle.

Once the saddle was completed I realized I needed a set of handmade conchos that would compliment the design of the saddle so I sketched out a design I liked which is twelve pieces of nickle silver and clean them up on the belt sander and hard solder them onto the inch and one half steel slotted conchos.

After the soldering, I cleaned the conchos up with a soft six inch wire wheel brush and the lightly sanded the surface of the nickle silver with 3M Trizact 2″X72″ belts and never even went to the buffer because by the time I got to the TZA5 I had a mirror finish and the buffer was not necessary.

For engraving equipment I like and use GRS tools from the Glendo corporation I have a older air impact unit called the GraverMate and I have MagnaBlock vise that really help me out in the engraving department.

Handmade Custom Saddle Conchos

Hand Engraving Saddle Conchos – Cowboy Silversmithing by Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville, Texas.


Handmade Custom Saddle Conchos by Bruce Cheaney

Handmade saddle conchos ad a unique look to custom made saddles. The saddle concho pictured to the right is made from nickle silver and mild steel, this set of six conchos has twelve pieces of hand cut nickle silver that are hard solder onto the steel concho then clean up and polished using a soft wire wheel brush and then going through the steps of  3M Trizact polishing belts on a belt sander to bring the conchos to a nearly mirror finish. The makers mark is just underneath the slots instead of being marked on the back side of the concho.

Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddles Handmade in Gainesville, Texas.




Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddles Gainesville Texas

Handmade saddle conchos hand cut nickle silver pieces hard soldered onto steel base metal hand engraved Texas Style by Bruce Cheaney with GRS Tools.

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