How to make Custom Buckles Buckle Making

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

How to make Custom Buckles part 1 – Buckle Making, Silversmithing with Bruce Cheaney, Gainesville, Texas.

Here is a list of a few shop tools to get started;

1″X42″ belt sander or a 2X72″ for advanced silversmithing and metal working
Anvil and tree stump
Acetylene torch rig
Baldor buffer with pedestal on one side for ripping metal
Ball peen hammer
Several pair of pliers
Vise grips
Safety goggles for eye protection
Work Gloves
Breathing mask
Home made dapping blocks for shaping metal

The list above is just a starter list you can add to it as you go, you can keep it simple and get started silversmithing and use the building block process as you learn what tools you need.

Learn how to solder silver and steel with solder made by the Harris Products Group.

The products used for silver soldering in this video clip are Safety-Silv 45% silver solder and Stay-Silv white brazing flux for the hard soldering and Stay-Brite soft solder and Stay-Clean liquid flux for the soft soldering.

The techniques shown here can be applied to many different types of metals and you can pretty much design and solder what you can dream up in your mind.

The torch I use is light weight Victor acetylene torch with a size 0 heating tip it works good for what I do, I have been using this type torch so long it would be hard to change now.

I do have a real small jewelers torch that I can use on precious metals such as sterling silver and 10 Karat gold and such.

There is a torch call a Prest-o-lite that a lot of silversmiths use that also works real well for silversmithing and they can be purchased at Indian Jewelers Supply Co.

Another torch worth mentioning is a Henrob 2000 this torch has a very concentrated flame that only heats the immediate area you are welding or soldering.

Custom Buckles

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