Metal Bender Extended Version How to bend loops for handmade buckles

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Loop Bender for Handmade Buckle Sets – Bit and Spur Making

Metal Bender – Extended Version – How to bend loops for handmade buckles

This video should give you ideas on how to make your own metal bender it sure saves time and my loops are consistently the same, I should have made mine a long time ago.

Anyway, I show close ups of how my metal bender is made as well as show you a couple of western buckle sets that I just finished.

Thanks for taking your time to watch this and Good Luck with all you do!

Metal Bender for Bending Buckle Loops Spur Making

Metal Bender for Bending Buckle Loops Spur Making and Metal Working





This is the bottom side of the metal bender notice the levers are bolted on so they can be moved to another loop bender if needed.¬† The piece of metal that is welded onto the bottom of the bender is 1/4″ X 1″ hot rolled steel this make the bender easy to put in a shop vise to hold the bender stationary.






Homemade tool

Metal Bender for Bending Silver Steel and Other Metals





Pictured to the right are the two solid rollers that close the loops up on the bottom side, the stock used is 5/8″ round by 1 3/8″approximately, The lever rollers¬† can be drilled out like this set and pinned so they can be taken out quickly or you can used two pair of vise grips like I do.




Metal Bender for Bending Steel

Metal Bender for Bending Steel Loops





Pictured Left¬† This is a top view of the shop made metal bender used for bending loops for western buckle sets, a bender like this should hopefully give you a idea or two on how you can build your own metal bender. I’m very pleased with mine and wish now that I had made it a long time ago.




Metal Working Tool

Metal Working Tool



Pictured Right is the handmade metal bender clamped into the 4 1/2″ Wilton Shop vise, Notice I have the fixed position rollers clamped onto the bending levers, I may at some point and time drill the levers out and use 5/16″ round rod to pin the rollers to the levers for quick change instead of the vise grips. The metal I used for this project is all hot rolled steel except the 5/8″ round used for the rollers.






I made two versions of this video this is the short version, I show some up close shots of how it is constructed so you can make your own loop bender as well as might get an idea or two about other benders you might want to build.

I usually make one buckle set at a time every once in a while, but the other
day I had several cowboy buckle sets to make so I decided it was time to
make a loop bender so my loops would be consistently the same and I could
save some time and speed up my production. I’m sure glad I spent the time
to make this bender. This loop bender will last for years and I can use the
levers on a couple other sizes of loops as well.

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